Behaviorism: To Do or Not To Do That is the Question.

Behavior, how important is it to a classroom? One of the most important aspects of being a teacher is how you manage your classroom. Through behaviorism I learned a few things on how to maintain and enforce proper behavior. It is important to set forth the rules, consequences, and reward system up front so students know what is expected of them. As educators we must remember how  important it is to reinforce the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. When students can experience rewards and celebration for doing the right things they are more likely to repeat these behaviors. Vice versa if their is a negative behavior that they need to stop they are more likely to do so when the consequence is something that they do not enjoy. It is important to remember when dealing with behavior that every student is different. Things that would cause one student to be unhappy and redirect their behavior may not be the same for the next student. The key is to get to know your students and do whatever works best for them individually.

One great way to set the expectations for your students is by having them sign a student behavior contract. Having both the student and parent sign this document at the beginning of the school year lets them know what is expected of them up front and can be pulled out as a reminder of their agreement when things are not going well. Here is a website that can be used as a tool to help with this :

Another tool is by using behavior charts in the classroom. A visual reminder is a good way to keep the students involved as well as aware of where they stand. It is also a good idea to have the classroom rules and expectations posted somewhere so that the students can see and remember what it is they agreed to. The more interesting the posting the more likely the student is to pay attention to it. The following are some examples of behavior charts and rule postings that I think are eye catching.

images                 images (2)         2eb916ecb9b4d4885ac557ba17ac57f0         rules


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