Celebrate Diversity by Sabrina Bell

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.38.08 PM

Deculterization is the process of destroying one’s cultural and replacing it with another one. In our history there were four main groups that were targeted Asian Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Native American’s. During this course I was able to look more in depth of the effects on how each of these groups were treated. Many of these groups faces some of the same deculturization like changing their physical image, stripped of their culture, name changes, and segregation in school and pubic establishments. Learning about our history made me realize that there are still problems with deculturization in schools today.

Some topics today that are facing discrimination and segregation are different religious groups, sexual orientation, sexual identity, language, and race. Even though issues are still present today I believe it is important to learn from the past and change the future. Kids should be able to celebrate differences within the classroom. Each child should feel safe when attending school show pride of who they are and where they come from.

As a teacher I plan to celebrate these differences and make sure each child is aware that everyone is different but each child is special and is essential part of our classroom, school, and community. I think there are some great ideas out there about how to celebrate diversity and I found a few that I really like. Below is a picture of a back to school activity where the children are able to color hand prints  and they are put together with a quote “we are each beautiful and unique, but together we are a masterpiece.” I also will use a family board where children can show and share pictures and facts about  their unique family.



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