Now Trending in Education by Sabrina Bell

There is a very detailed machine working in my head about how many topics I could talk about after taking this course. One reoccurring theme I noticed throughout this course was the use of technology in the classroom. The book I read The One World Schoolhouse  was all about one guy, Salman Khan, and his journey, experiences, and visions with changing the way our school system works with technology bring integrated  and used as a tool in the classroom.

Technology is scary for some because it is newer and I believe that just recently the overall view has changed from technology is just a time filler to distract the children to that it is a tool that can be used in the classroom that helps the children become mastery learners. 

I have so many great ideas with bringing technology into the classroom but I needed to get a bigger sample size of how to do that. I am currently a early childhood childcare provider so the elementary school world is foreign to me. When I first opened I didn’t allow the children to use the Ipad or watch television but over the years I realized how useful the Leappad, Leapreader, and Ipad they could be  if used correctly.  My husband is a high school teacher so I was able to bounce ideas off of him of what is realistic and how he is able to use different technology tools in the classroom right now. Although new apps and programs are very useful in the classroom. I believe these programs should be used in addition the material taught in class instead of fully relying on technology for an entire lesson. 

When I am in the classroom, It will be trial and error to find what works for each class each year.   I will try to flip some of my lessons and have them watch videos and introduce topics at home and then while in class I will be there for assistance while the work more in depth learning about the lesson. I will also play around with Khan Academy and free online source to help students learn at their own pace and have extra practice in areas they may be struggling with. 




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