Who is this education really for? by Rhea Rollins

In many of my classmates posts about the books they read for our book circle and other course materials I noticed a common them which was Student-Centered Teaching. This is linked to making sure the methods in which you choose to teach and conduct your classroom is geared towards the learners. There were examples given throughout the course on how education has began shifting from a teacher centered education to focus on the students, their individuality and how that may affect their learning. It is vital that we as teachers make sure the students are learning and preparing for life in the real world in our classrooms. In my future classroom I plan to use the students input about themselves to better implement lessons that they can relate to and learn from. I will have the students share information about themselves through a star student system where each student gets to share information about themselves, likes, dislikes, home life, etc to the class. This will give me the opportunity to learn about the students and try to fit the lessons to their individual needs. I also plan to discuss with the families what they think the students areas of strength and weakness are in attempts to best meet the children where they are. After all who are we trying to benefit with this education system, the students or the teachers. Why shouldn’t it be geared towards who it is created to benefit?

This link is a resource website for assisting with creating an identity safe classroom:   http://identitysafeclassrooms.org/resources

This video is an introduction to Student Centered Learning: https://vimeo.com/12666147






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