Why are you so ornery? Behavorism. By: Joshua Snyder

I am the father of  a four month old and a two year old– and in my house it is all about behaviors. I do not think I have said “No.” and “Stop That.” more than I have the past year. Boundaries seem to be the hot topic in this household. To be honest, I wouldn’t change my ornery boys for the world. Parenting and teaching behaviors is very similar to teaching behaviors in the classroom.

Every person is driven by a behavior, in the classroom if we do not set boundaries the behaviors will control the room. Behaviorism is based off of the foundational “belief that human behavior can be explained by the response to external stimuli (Perez, 2016).” When implementing this philosophy in the classroom teachers can shape student behavior by teaching them behavioral expectations. If the students do not have a good understanding of what is okay and what is not, it will be a year to remember. Or one to forget. Students will need to be taught these expectations and be reminded of them daily. Rome was not built in a day and neither is the classroom environment.

I plan to use the theory of behaviorism to develop and implement my classroom management plan. The students will be taught the expectations, reminded of them frequently, and have them modeled if needed. The one area of special focus will be transitions. If the students do not understand the transition expectations–the amount of educational time lost will rack up quickly. A whole year of curricular pacing will be lost if transition times are not executed quickly and efficiently.

Transition Support Video for PreK (the techniques can be used in any K-6 classroom): https://youtu.be/SfvW3TKKAco

Strategies for First Year Teachers: Transitions: https://youtu.be/iAb52YB-50Y



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